Classes & Services


Beginner to Advanced

Our goal is to help you accomplish your goal. Do you need to lose weight? We have programs for that. Do you want to get stronger? We have a program for that. Are you motivated by a group setting? We have a program for that. Do you like more of a 1-on-1 setting? We have something for that. Need help with nutrition? We have a program for that. If it has something to do with your health and fitness needs, then we have something that can help.

Personal Training

We have members that use personal training for various reasons. Our Professional Coaches are dynamic and knowledgeable and well prepared to help you reach your goal. Honestly, everyone needs a coach. Even the best of the best had their own personal coach.

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Nutrition Coaching

Our nutrition program, Stabilized Nutrition, is the best place to get started. Our goal with this program is to teach you how you should eat in order to generate the results you desire. We do this through weekly check-ins, progress markers and accountability via our Stabilized Nutrition App.

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Group Training

CrossFit Wilson classes are where you get more fit than you’ve ever been. You’ll develop special friendships doing the same workout as someone next to you. You’ll be encouraged and motivated more than you’ve ever been at any other gym.

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Teens and Kids Group Training

CrossFit Kids and Teens is a generalized strength and conditioning program of constantly varied, functional movements performed at relative intensity. The program utilizes the CrossFit methodology applied in a manner suitable for adolescence and preadolescence and focuses on the concept of pairing fitness with fun.

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Online Personal Training

If you’re not comfortable training at a gym just yet, Online Personal Training with CrossFit Wilson is the solution. Our world class trainers will have you crushing your goals from the comfort of your own space. Get your own custom workout plan and the accountability of one of our highly experienced trainers sent right to your phone.

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