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Your Burning Questions Answered

We are just a community of people who enjoy effective workouts and surrounding ourselves with others who take their fitness goals seriously. We offer a variety of programs to fit most walks of life ranging from group classes to 1on1 personal training.

Not at all. Honestly, that is like trying to learn to play the guitar before getting guitar lessons. We thrive the most with people who need a coach. Our goal is to get you “in-shape”.

Yes, we do. Nutrition is equally, if not more, important than exercise. We have a program we offer to help our members with their nutrition. This is the fastest path to your results!

That is a normal feeling. Most of our members have felt this same feeling before starting. Once you meet your coach and you see what actually goes on at our gym, this feeling will dissipate.

You will begin to feel the changes within the first week and then start to see the changes in the 2-4 week range.

Gyms sell access to their facility and equipment. We sell coaching. A coach will guide you through your workout each and every day from start to finish. All you have to do is walk through the door, and we will take care of the rest.

Classes will take less than an hour. We start with a general warm-up (getting the heart rate up and stretching). Then, we explain the workout to the class to make sure everyone understands what we will be doing that day. After explaining, everyone sets up their own spot and gets out their equipment for their specific workout. Everyone will start the workout at the same time, and, once everyone finishes their workout, the coach will take everyone through a cooldown stretch. Throughout the entire time your coach will be helping you do things correctly and motivating you.

First off, people love CFW because our programming works. It is designed to get you results quickly. Secondly, the members at our gym are welcoming and supportive to those who join. We all remember our first day and are excited to see someone join us along our journey to health and fitness. Lastly, people love CFW because of the accountability. There is nothing like someone holding you accountable to your goals. Accountability is the key to results. Between the coaches at CFW and the members, you will always be held accountable.