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Professional Coaches

CrossFit Wilson has been around since 2011. We are a group of highly experienced, professional, and motivating coaches who have a passion for helping people become a better version of themselves. We like to meet members where they are at. This means if you are a beginner, we want to encourage and be here for you throughout the entire journey.

We are not just another gym. We are here to help people. We take our jobs seriously knowing our members are trusting us to get them their desired results. Get started today and let us help you! Each coach has his or her own personal touch and gift that they bring to CrossFit Wilson, which makes it one of the top facilities to train at.

Austin Aycock

Meredith Aycock

Pam Aycock

Patricia Mendoza

Corrie Hansen

Abigail Raynor

Liz Kiser

Tiffany Delano

Tyler Campbell