Chasity Godwin

Chasity is a member of Crossfit Wilson since 2012, begrudgingly as she recalls it. Her husband Brent knew the owner Austin and wanted to see what the hype was about. She, on the other hand, was not as thrilled as she admitted when we asked her.

She said: “Growing up, I played volleyball in both high school and college. After college, I attempted to play some rec ball, but it just wasn’t the same. When we heard about CrossFit, I was one year into my marriage, eating pizza rolls, drinking sodas, and going to the gym on occasion. Happy and somewhat -in shape-, so I thought. Brent went to try out a CrossFit class and immediately came home pumped to start and would not stop begging me to try it. I wouldn’t budge on my stance. We had free gym membership elsewhere, it was “too expensive”, it was over the top. But the truth was that I was intimidated. Surely I could never do that type of workout. Brent talked me into going to one trial class. After my first workout I was hooked and I’ve never looked back”.

Over the last few years she has had many memorable achievements. The first skill and strength related achievements that come to her mind are her first bar muscle-up and her overhead squat PR (Personal Record).

But as she said it honestly, those are not her absolute favorite achievements. She added: “CrossFit enabled me to be able to continue to workout while pregnant, twice. And that is my most memorable achievement. Yes, I did go into labor doing a thruster.

CrossFit is universally scalable and individually modifiable. CrossFit strengthened my psyche and has equipped me for life and life skills. Looking back over the last few years I can’t help but to remember where I came from. Every single day that I step into CrossFit Wilson is a day that I am working on being better. A better athlete, a better person, a better wife, a better mom, a better nurse practitioner. In my job, I see chronic disease. Every single day. This is what drives me to keeping coming. I want to be healthy. I want to continue to be able to play with my son. I want to stay mentally strong. In addition to all those factors, I just plain love the CrossFit Wilson community. They are my second family and my life is better because of them!”

Clint Godwin

Clint is one of our very first members he started his Crossfit Journey at Forest Hills Park in 2012, when we started our Crossfit Wilson journey as a box with no building of our own. He was actually riding his bike and saw a bunch of people swinging kettlebells and jumping up and down on the benches.

Austin and Pam would haul kettlebells and medicine balls out there every day and create some awesome workouts with the limited equipment we had at the time for our members to use. Clint recalls “You could see Mrs. Pam coming from a mile away with that old expedition with the “Carolina squat” in the rear because it was so weighed down from all the equipment. Sparks would fly out from under it when she hit a bump. The park was a special place and the beginning of a turning point in my life. Crossfit and the Aycock’s became like family to me. I can remember walking into what now is the original box with Mr. Troy Aycock at around 6:30 am one summer morning and stopping and looking at him like, where do we start? After about 50 loads hauled off to the dump, two mini bulldozers we tore all to hell and days and days of pressure washing and scrubbing we could actually tell that there might be some hope”.
Crossfitters are a different breed of human beings and we never gave up on the dream of having a -Box- to workout in< says Clint. On October 7th, 2012 Crossfit Wilson was born and the journey began.

Clint has come a long way physically and mentally since he started, but this is what he considers most important about Crossfit and the Crossfit Wilson Family: “The 5:30pm class was the place to be on a hot summer afternoon. The class started at 5:30 but I would’ve stayed all night if they would’ve let me. I have made so many friends through Crossfit and the support from the community is very powerful. God put me in this place with these people that I love so dearly because he knew I was getting ready to face the hardest thing in my life. I lost my Father Danny Godwin on June 4th, 2013 and that was by far the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. Crossfit and my Crossfit family pulled me through this very dark time in my life. I’m not quite sure I would of made it through it or not without Austin and Pam lifting me up every morning and afternoon. Yes, I was going twice a day because I was hurt so bad from the passing of my father and Crossfit was the only thing that could ease the pain. Troy Aycock played a huge role during this time of my life. There was not a single day I saw him that he didn’t give me a hug and tell me he loved me. I never thought in a million years I would stumble upon something this special. God works in mysterious ways and I truly believe he had a hand in this. There are no PR’s or range of motion or gains I have cherished the most out of being a part of Crossfit Wilson. The thing I cherish the most are the relationships I have built with my Crossfit Wilson family and the love and support from some very special people.

Janelle Brown Taft

Janelle is a member of Crossfit Wilson since October 2015, the year she started her Crossfit journey. She originally signed up for CrossFit October 2015 for just a 30 day membership because her daughter wanted to do it. She really liked it, but, as she says it, she wasn’t mentally in it.

After a few months she found herself coming maybe once per month, if that. Then, January 2017 was when it hit her, she knew she needed to be more regular. Since then, she has been very consistent with her workouts and became one of our regular early birds.

When we asked her about her most memorable achievement, this is what she said: “The achievements that mean the most to me is weight loss and strength. I’ve lost about 20 lbs since I started CrossFit, but more than that, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, and I even have muscle definition! Some of the things I’ve accomplished with Crossfit I never dreamed I would be able to do”.
She keeps coming because she still have fitness goals. There are some movements she wants to be able to achieve and others that she can do, but would like to be more proficient. Also, she thinks the atmosphere at Crossfit Wilson is amazing, she reassured us that when she said: “ It truly is a small family and everyone is always pushing others to reach their goals”.

We love seeing you regularly at the gym working on your goals, we have grown alongside and we are very proud of that!

Karen Gregory

Karen is a member of Crossfit Wilson since 2015, the year she started her crossfit journey. When we asked her about her most memorable achievement, this is what she said: “My accomplishments are many: I lost 20 pounds, gained muscle, stamina, strength and what I love so much is seeing definition.

As time has gone by I have conquered things I never thought I could do at my age. I have realized more than ever that age is only a number. I can climb a rope, jump on a 24 inch box, pull-up on a bar and do double jumps using a jump rope, among many more skills”.

There are many reasons that keep her coming back, these are just a few of them: seeing the accomplishments she has made and wanting to accomplish more, having the chance continue to feel strong and healthy, be a part of a group of people who have similar goals as her and feel that she belongs to a team that encourages and cheers on her. But, specially the people, she said “They are family to me now. I’m very proud to be apart of Crossfit Wilson” and we are very proud to count on her as a committed athlete and amazing member of the Crossfit Wilson family.

Liz Kizer

Liz is a member of Crossfit Wilson since August 2016 after moving to Wilson. She had previously worked out at another affiliate that unfortunately closed down, so she went without CrossFit for several months, before joining us.

When we asked her about her most memorable achievement, this is what she said “My most memorable achievement would have to be when I got my first strict pull-up. Austin invited us to complete a challenge over the holiday season last year, and the challenges ranged from pull-ups, sit-ups, double unders, burpees and so on. I chose pull-ups and followed a calendar outlining the number I had to reach each day. I started by doing kipping pull-ups until Lina suggested I use a small band and work on my strict technique. Before I knew it, I did my first legit pull-up, and I was SO stoked. From then on things only got better and I continued to improve in movements, strength and weight loss”

From our perspective her most memorable achievement is that her motivation turned into discipline, she has lost 50 pounds and has a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

There are two things that bring her back daily. One is the people. CrossFit Wilson became her family. As someone whose family lives another state away, she looks to her friends and family at CrossFit Wilson for strength and support. The second reason she comes back again and again is for the challenge and the workouts. She is happy she doesn’t have to plan her workouts. The work is done for her. All she has to do is come in and look at the whiteboard. She reassured us that by saying: “I also know I will get a darn good workout within a relatively short time frame (an hour or less)”. Those two reasons, she thinks, can’t be beat.

Meredith Aycock

Meredith is a member of CrossFit Wilson since the fall of 2012, the year she started her crossfit journey. She began coaching with us on 2014 after she fell in love with the sport and we couldn’t have been more excited for her.

When we asked her about her most memorable achievement, this is what she said: “Some of my most memorable moments as an athlete are learning how to do pull-ups, double unders, muscle ups and learning that cereal has sugar in it. Completing every CrossFit Open, I’ve participated in.
Doing -Kalsu-, -Murph-, -Fran-, -Emery-, -Karen-, -12 Days of Christmas – because I remember how I felt and what I experienced during each of these workouts and as a coach coaching Foundations makes me really proud and humble.

What keeps her coming is the constant challenge. The challenge to move better, move faster. The challenge to be more self disciplined yet show herself some self love. The challenge to live a healthy life. The challenge to be an example to others. The challenge to help others reach their goals and most of all the conversations and relationships with other members. She feels like they genuinely care about her life.

Nigel Barnes

Nigel is a member of Crossfit Wilson since January, 2018, when he started his crossfit journey. When we asked him about his most memorable achievement, this is what he said: “My most memorable achievements would be my weight loss first. When I first started in 2018 I was 265 pounds. Today, I weigh 225 and never felt better.

I’ve lost a little in my waist and have started to get tone”.

What keeps him coming to CrossFit Wilson is the people because it does feel Iike a family. He assured us that by saying: “Whenever I’m having a bad day I can go in there and let go of all my problems and worries. The people and trainers really care about you and try to help you out not only in CrossFit but life as well. I was a college football athlete so I love the competition and just having fun. I keep coming back because they strive me to be a better person.”

Tulia Colorado

Tulia is a member of Crossfit Wilson since July 2018. Before moving to NC, she was really active in an intense boot camp in NY. She tried a bunch of places here and couldn’t find a challenging workout routine that she liked.

That coupled with getting sick led her to gain a bunch of weight. She found CFW in the summer of 2018 and as she mentioned it Crossfit has given her, her life back again.

When we asked her about her most memorable achievement, this is what she said: “The first time I was able to back squat more than 165 and do a toes-to-bar!! Also, the first time I was able to do a mutant workout!” All of those are exciting memories for her now, as she keeps make reaching many more goals.

What keeps her coming to CrossFit Wilson are many reasons but these are the most important ones:

1. The coaches. I’ve never met a group of more sincere, inspiring, passionate and loving people. They believe in you and genuinely want to see you succeed. They also care about you as a person and care about your family too.
2. The people/community. We all support and push each other. We share experiences and advice. Those moments when the whole class gets together to cheer on the last person or cheer on someone trying to do something for the first time…those are the moments that warm my heart and make me appreciate the CrossFit experience.
3. The challenging workouts that are unpredictable and develop you in areas you’ve never imagined. Some are physically challenging. Some are mentally challenging. Most are both! I’m convinced that CrossFit turns you into a better overall person because the skills you develop are transferable to everyday life: strength, persistence, kindness, goal setting, etc.

Wendy Rivera

Wendy is a member of Crossfit Wilson since May 2017, the year she started her crossfit journey. When we asked her about her most memorable achievement, this is what she said: “My most memorable achievements are weight loss and strength.”

After working out with us for almost two years, she decided to joining Stabilized Nutrition, our nutrition program. Results started to showed in a faster pace and she has been able to stick to the changes.

What keeps her coming to Crossfit Wilson are the workouts, the coaches and the friendly people she meets, hangs out and works out with, at the box. She topped it all off by saying: “I have never being an athletic person and I used to quit any gym but with Crossfit is very different! I find myself stronger and healthier everyday.”

Ed Ruiz: lost 50lbs

Cyndi Lauderdale: lost 100lbs

Vivian : lost 105lbs

Hunter Massey: lost 35lbs

Robyn: lost 65lbs went from size 14 to 6

Marcos: lost 28lbs


Austin: Gained 8lbs and went from 15% bodyfat to 7%

Erin: lost 25lbs and went down 6 dress sizes

Eric: lost 24lbs

Amory: lost 30lbs and 4 dress sizes

Brian: lost 35lbs and went from 34” waist to a 31

Brad: lost 45lbs

Abigail: lost 10lbs and 3” in her waist and 2” in her hips