We use CrossFit as a means to get into the best shape of our lives.  CrossFit is a constantly varied workout regimen, involving functional movements, and is executed at a high intensity. “Constantly varied”, means that our workouts are always different. “Functional”, means that the exercises that we do are related to the movements we do in everyday life, to make everyday life easier. “High intensity” is the magic of the CrossFit programming that gets you the shortcut to results! Most workouts are performed in a timed or scored fashion and therefore allow you to push yourself daily to create noticeable improvements.

CrossFit Wilson is for anyone that wants to take fitness seriously. Meaning that, we want people that want to commit to fitness and to do what it takes to reach their goals. We can work with anyone with the right mindset.  Anyone can do this.  All our workouts are scalable.

Our community- One of the most exciting parts about CrossFit Wilson is the incredible community formed within our gym. Our workouts are completed in a group format, and we coach and cheer each other through them. We work, sweat, meet our goals and get through our workouts together. It is often normal to see someone finish the workout, take a few breaths to recover, and immediately begin cheering on the rest of the group. A positive, fun, and fit community is a healthy community. Once you have trained at CrossFit Wilson for a week or two, everyone in the gym will know your name.

Not at all! We have a variety of fitness levels at CF Wilson, from novice to elite. If you try to do something else to get in better shape before you start CrossFit, then you will just be prolonging the results you would get from starting now. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete or a grandma with joint problems, our program can accommodate for anyone. So, stop making excuses and come try out CrossFit Wilson NOW!!!
Other gyms just offer you access to the equipment. We are a group training facility, meaning each class is instructed by a certified trainer. To work with most trainers it would cost you anywhere from $30-$120/per session. So we are offering personal training in a group atmosphere at an awesome value. Ask any of our current members if it’s worth the price.
Oh yes. A balanced healthy diet is the foundation of our programming. Each month there are nutrition classes offered to our members. These classes will teach our members to eat balanced diets to support his or her lifestyle.
No. The only way to gain bulky muscle in the CrossFit program is to add other effective weight training and supplementation to our program. So, get ready to look lean and toned not bulky and manly.
You will feel the results within the first week and then start to see the results within the first month.
Most definitely. Fat loss is where this program has the most success. So prepare to lose the fat!
This is a mandatory class everyone must take before starting Group classes. This 3 part class teaches our new members the safe, proper and effective way of performing our exercises. This prepares our new members for the movements in the group classes.

Please don’t be. For one, everyone at our box is welcoming and always wanting our family to grow. Secondly, it’s just in your head. There isn’t anything to be intimidated by. Our coaches will guide you with confidence and a willingness to make sure you feel comfortable in our group environment.

No, we don’t do contracts. We are confident that you will want to stay with us for a long time after your first month. We do a monthly recurring payment plan that can be canceled at any time with 15 days notice.

First thing, we will do a thorough warm-up to prevent injury during the workout. Next, the coach will demonstrate and explain the workout of the day (WOD). Then, everyone will begin the workout at the same time. Once everyone is finished with the WOD, we will then stretch out the muscles that were trained.

The WOD posted on the site is for the elite athlete, there are not many athletes that can do these workouts. All workouts are scaled back so that anyone can do them and yet still get a great workout! So do not be intimidated by the workouts posted on the site.

First thing to do is to get scheduled in for your 3 Foundation classes. You can do this by contacting us at (252) 289-1222, [email protected] or by just coming to the gym and signing up yourself.